Your rights when dealing with the police

Being arrested and charged with a crime is a horrible experience not only for the accused but for the family as well. Knowing your rights is invaluable. Once a state judge or magistrate has issued an arrest warrant and the police officer has arrest the accused for committing a crime, you should make sure that your rights hasn’t been violated by the law enforcement.

An experienced law attorney can always guide you or your family member through this difficult process and you should always take into consideration the following rights:

A criminal suspect:

  • Is allowed to remain silent
  • The police officer should inform the criminal suspect, that anything you chose to say, can be used against yourself
  • Is allowed to have an attorney present when requested.
  • Should not have questions asked without the presence of an attorney
  • Should not be forced to pay an attorney’s service
  • May request an attorney even after when you ask for none
  • Must be treated humanely
  • Cannot be held unfairly
  • Must not be treated guilty before convicted
  • May be entitled of a speedy trial
  • Must be free from “cruel and unusual punishment” while imprisoned
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