Parking Lots Are a Danger Zone

You might think parking lots are not often associated with accidents. However, they are actually considered a danger zone.

Why are parking lots dangerous?

  • Accidents may involve a motor vehicle and pedestrians
  • The space in parking lots is limited
  • Parking lots are usually dark
  • Speed limits are usually not respected in parking lots
  • There are vehicles circling the lot regularly
  • Parking lot accidents typically don’t cause serious injuries, but they happen frequently and can result in substantial property damage to vehicles. Busy lots can be confusing, with cars headed in various directions, and many drivers are not clear on who has right of way in a parking lot.

    What to do to stay safe?

  • Always be aware of your surrounding
  • Drive patiently without a rush
  • Find a good spot to park in
  • Always respect whoever has the right of way
  • Don’t get distracted
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