Dog bites and Personal Injury Lawyers

Dog bites and Personal Injury Lawyers


Dog bites can be painful, especially if it’s from your own dog. However, if you happen to get bit by someone else’s dog there’s a couple of things you should know. At first, you may be contacted by the owner of the dog of their insurance company. Usually, they will discuss a settlement for compensation but this may not be your best option.

Different types of Compensation

If you are bitten by a dog you are entitled to compensation by personal injury state laws.
You can be compensated for the following:

  • Any medical bills past, present or future related to your injury
  • Reimbursement for anything that may have been damaged during the incident
  • Compensation for lost of wages for time off work
  • Emotional distress

What if the dog belongs to your own friend or family?

You may be thinking you don’t want to sue them, but who is going to pay for your expenses. There won’t be any need for that if you are both well informed in what is going on. The first thing you both should know is that this is what insurance is for. The insurance company will be paying for most expenses. Hiring a lawyer to handle the insurance company is probably one of the best ways to go.

What if your dog bites someone?

It is important to handle the situation and take control before you both end up victims.
Here is a list of steps that might help you:

  • Remain calm
  • Separate your dog from the victim
  • Assess the injuries
  • Help victim seek medical attention
  • Avoid assigning blame, remember what you say can be used against you in court
  • Gather your dog’s medical records
  • Contact authorities if needed.

What comes next?

The right thing to do would be to offer to pay for any medical expenses upfront. If the victim decides to press charges it’s a good idea to hire an attorney immediately. Next thing to do is to prevent your dog from biting anyone again. This can be done by figuring out what triggers your dog. The best thing you should do is hire a professional.

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